Innovation lab

Research results in the field of forestry

Recently, scientific research and technology transfer has focused on key products, solving many practical pressing problems, especially in the field of forestry. In the period 2011-2019, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has recognized 82 new forestry varieties, successfully transferred 22 technical advances, recognized 22 inventions, and developed 71 technical standards for the forestry industry

1. Forestry selection, breeding and forestry biotechnology

- Initially, biotechnology was applied in breeding with molecular markers and variety testing to shorten the selection time and create several acacia triploid lines with superior growth compared to diploid varieties.

- Tissue propagation technology has been widely applied in localities.

- For native tree species, research on the selection of varieties (dominant plants) has also been conducted, trials and nursery gardens have been developed for some promising native species.

- Developed procedures, instructions on propagation techniques, DNA inspection procedures and DNA data for 80 species of research plants, built software to manage and exploit the DNA barcode database.

2. Silviculture

- Identified the main forestry species for the ecological regions.

- Developed several technical guidelines for more than 30 native forestry species.

- Researched 2 packages of integrated techniques for intensive afforestation providing large timber.

- Assessed the status and causes of mangrove degradation in some key ecological regions along the coast of Vietnam.

- Identified the biological characteristics of the fungus Ceratocystis causing wilt disease.

- Identified several technical solutions for natural forest restoration.

- Developed a method to chart the volume of the trunk, branches, and treetops for some tree species mainly exploited in natural forests in Vietnam.

- Determined the carbon stocks of 3 forest types and developed a guide on methods to determine the amount of accumulated carbon for natural forests in the Central Highlands.

- Established 76 standard plots to study the silvicultural basis on 4 forest types in Vietnam and the software to manage data of standard plots.

- Recognized 11 technical advances in silviculture

3. Forest industry

3.1. Forestry mechanics

- Researched, designed, built and successfully installed cutting house for improved forestry, semi-industrial and industrial scale.

- Researched, designed, and successfully manufactured equipment for uprooting trees, ploughs underground for afforestation, improved ploughing, non-turning plough to take care of forests

3.2. Forestry products processing

- Researched mechanical properties, wood anatomy of more than 300 species of trees and bamboo.

- Researched on manufacturing pressing equipment and manufacturing technology of large-sized, moisture-resistant multi-layer modified plywood from planted forest wood.

- Researched and determined the technology of creating peeled boards, processing and modifying peeled boards.

- Researched to create solar absorbing materials with absorption coefficients reaching over 85%

- Researched and applied biotechnology to propose a technological process for the production of Bio-composite boards.

- Completed the technology and equipment to produce artemisinin and pine resin.

3.3. Wood preservation

- Researched and determined parameters of wood treatment technology with nanomaterials TiO2, ZnO, nano clay.

- Researched and perfected the wood preservation treatment technology for seagoing ships by normal immersion and vacuum pressure.

- Researched and proposed two types of Boracol wood preservative preparations.

- Recognized 18 new technical and technological advances in the field of forest industry have been recognized and 5 new technical advances are being developed.

- Developed 47 Vietnamese standards on wood classification, mechanical properties, wood preservation, glue in wood processing, and developed 9 new Vietnamese Standards.

4. Forestry economics

Researched and proposed policies to develop afforestation for large timber production.

- Evaluated the linkage models along the value chain of timber and forest timber products in 11 provinces.

- Determined the framework of payment for forest environmental services for Hoa Binh, Thac Ba, Thac Mo, Yaly, Vinh Son, Phu Ninh and Software hydropower plants and the software for payment for forest environmental services.

- Researched and evaluated the results of payment for forest environment services and analyzed the shortcomings of Decree 99/2010/ND-CP on payment for forest environmental services in two provinces of Hoa Binh and Dien Bien.

5. Technical, scientific and technological advances transfer

- Promoted the transfer of original varieties, cuttings and tissue technology, and technology of building seed gardens and forests.

- Transferred medium resolution satellite image interpretation technology.

- Promoted the transfer of technical advances to localities through the implementation of forestry extension projects.

- Published research results in specialized scientific journals and television reports on forestry extension activities. At the same time, scientific seminars have been organized in ecological regions to transfer the results into production.