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Research results in the field of agricultural electromechanical and post-harvest technology

In the past 10 years, especially in the period 2016 - 2020 and the last years of this period, the AFF processing industry has made remarkable progress with a value-added growth rate of about 7 - 8% per year. During this period, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development recognized 10 technical advances and 10 inventions. Besides, in research, the transfer has been closely combined with businesses and localities. Therefore, many research results were immediately transferred to production. Some typical research results in production are as follows:

Research results in the field of irrigation and disaster prevention

In the period 2013-2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has recognized 25 technical advances, 29 inventions, 243 articles, etc. and many technologies are being transferred into production to create competitive advantages in the market, improve the quality and efficiency of irrigation works and prevent natural disasters for agricultural production, rural development, contribute to stabilizing production, improving quality, promoting industry growth. Some standout results including:

Research results in the field of fisheries

In the 2016-2020 period, 14 new varieties, 9 technical advances and 13 patents have been recognized. New varieties and advanced technological processes have been successfully transferred into production

Research results in the field of forestry

Recently, scientific research and technology transfer has focused on key products, solving many practical pressing problems, especially in the field of forestry. In the period 2011-2019, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has recognized 82 new forestry varieties, successfully transferred 22 technical advances, recognized 22 inventions, and developed 71 technical standards for the forestry industry

Research results in the field of husbandry and veterinary sectors

Science and technology have promoted the development of large-scale animal husbandry and veterinary sectors. In general, although many limitations still exist, the livestock and veterinary sectors have made a strong transition from quantity to quality, from small-scale farming to large-scale industrial husbandry

Research results in the fields of cultivation, plant protection, soil, and fertilizer

In the past time, the application of scientific research and technology transfer in the fields of cultivation, plant protection, soil and fertilizer has brought positive results, contributing to reducing investment costs and increasing profits as well as high economic efficiency in agricultural production.

Research results in the field of biotechnology

Developing biotechnology towards the goal: Creating new varieties of plants and animals with high yield, quality and economic efficiency, serving the needs of economic restructuring, improving quality and competitiveness of commodity agricultural products, rapidly increasing the proportion of processed agricultural - forestry - fishery products for export; towards self-sufficiency in raw materials for the production of medicines; strengthening the application of biotechnology in the protection and remedy of environmental pollution.

Innovation in management of science and technology

Recognizing the importance of scientific and technological research activities can be considered as a business activity that is both intellectual and marketable. Science and technology units have increased autonomy in using assets, financial resources, and human resources in providing public services, facilitating the use of strengths in assets, financial resources, human resources to provide public services according to the market mechanism


Promoting the application of science and technology in agriculture is the foundation to improve the productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture, contributing to the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, ensuring food security, social security and income enhancement for agricultural producers and traders. Thanks to the contribution of science and technology, Vietnam's agricultural industry has always won many great achievements, fulfilling its fundamental role and supporting the country's economy. Specifically, outstanding results from the application of science and technology in agriculture include: