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Artichoke tea production alliance model at Ngoc Duy tea company in Lam Dong province – Viet Nam

Regional research “Agricultural innovations review in Sub-Mekong region countries” in the framework of the project “Network for Agriculture and Rural Development Think-tanks for Countries in Mekong sub-region” – November 2022 - April 2023.

Ngoc Duy Tea Co., Ltd., established in 1990, is the first enterprise in Vietnam to process raw materials from artichokes into tea bags. The company aims to exploit the strengths of Da Lat's city's artichoke tree as a valuable source of medicinal material, providing high-value tea products with preventive, therapeutic, and health benefits. The artichoke tree in Da Lat has been scientifically proven to be superior to any other region due to its suitable climate and soil.

Artichoke garden in Da Lat City

Source: Laboure Newpaper.

Since 2010, Ngoc Duy Company has joined the Alliance for production of Artichoke Tea through the form of production association with farmer households, Lam Dong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the World Bank. This is a form of cooperation between farmers, businesses, researcher and management agencies and sponsor organization. This form helps farmers to ensure their production output, solve difficulties in investment capital; helping the company to have a stable source of raw materials and closely monitor quality and technique (through the role of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development). When building the Production Union, the households joined together to establish the model of the Artichoke Farmer's Cooperative Group. This is a method of cooperation that brings harmonious benefits to the participating parties and farmers receive more support and achieve higher economic efficiency.

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