Good Practices

Collection of Sustainable Land Management Technologies Practices by smallholder farmers in Lao PDR

Dry season rice on flat areas of stream banks (Lao People's Democratic Republic)

Dry season rice cultivation on flat areas of stream banks aiming towards replacement of harmful shifting cultivation practices in the upland areas and to improve livelihoods.

Plantation of Yangbong (Persea kurzii) Trees on Slopes (Lao People's Democratic Republic)

Bong tree (Persea kurzii) plantation in slope area to increase forest canopy and to utilize the plantation areas for animal grazing such as cows and poultry.

Conversion of rocky area to grazing area for livestock management (Lao People's Democratic Republic)

Cattle producers blazing new trails

Skilled facilitation opens new pathways A particularly sensitive issue emerged around a livestock loan agreement initiated by a former high-ranking government official and a large Lao company. The company provides Brahman- Thai cross-bred cows to farmers who then pay back in-kind with calves. “Usually in three years we can give back to the company two calves and then the cow is ours,” said Somsavang, a member of the group’s Board and owner of ten cross-breed cows. “But they require a lot more care then our native Lao cattle and need special feeding. Also, the company was not collecting their calves when they said they would and we had to continue to feed and care for them.”

Pig farmers building bridges to success

Forging links, building bridges An element of the CDAIS approach is building bridges between people. Connecting smallholders with government services means CDAIS projects will continue long after the funding ends. Based on the group’s plan, CDAIS facilitated a training-and-study tour to NAFRI’s pig research centre in Vientiane in November 2017.

Seeds of an organic future

Green Infrastructure for a Climate Resilient Society

Climate Resilient Rural Infrastructure Project in Northern Viet Nam Successfully Promotes Application of Bioengineering Techniques

Affirmations of Hope: APCD/JAIF Good Practices on Rural Accessibility in CLMV

Best Practice Guidelines for Structural Measures and Flood Proofing

The Flood Management and Mitigation Programme Component 2: Structural Measures & Flood Proofing in the Lower Mekong Basin