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In order to share initial findings of the regional joint-research “Assessment of rice sector development in selected sub-Mekong countries”, on December 22, 2021, IPSARD together with CDRI and NAFRI launched the online webinar on Lao’s contributions. The webinar attracted interest from NARDT-members with the number of attendees up to 20 people.

At the webinar, representatives from NAFRI presented primary information from the expedition in Laos, to create an overall picture of the rice sector in 2020, policies and orientation for the development of the rice sector. Starting the discussion part, Mr Dang Kim Son– the regional senior advisor gave some suggestions in order to help NAFRI clarify the next report such as adding more information related to the rainfall system and contract farming, and trading activities could be used as a useful tool to maintain the market balance. Additionally, Mr Tran Cong Thang-Representative of NARDT-Vietnam members (DG of IPSARD) recommended that NAFRI should add more data in this survey and highlight the major points of Laos’s agriculture policies compared to other countries. Related to the input/output template, he also suggested that NAFRI should be added more information in terms of market equity and value.