Policy Brief

Green Extension

Green Extension is a type of rural advisory service which supports the scaling up of sustainable agriculture 
by facilitating socio-ecological learning processes with farmers.5 Green Extension is not a single approach 
or blueprint for achieving sustainability; it includes a range of methods to promote various types of content, 
as shown in the diagram below.
In practice, Green extension involves a combination of content and methodology that is selected and 
adapted to meet the needs of the people and the place where the service is being provided. For example:
• Farmer Field Schools to promote integrated pest management (IPM),
• Land use planning in support of conservation agriculture,
• Participatory market chain assessment to assess organic opportunities,
• Action research related to the system for rice intensification (SRI),
• Farmer to farmer learning (F2F) to scale-up agroforestry

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Source: Department of Policy and Legal Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


Author: Department of Policy and Legal Affairs