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Unlocking opportunities for rural entrepreneurs and farmers in sub-Mekong region This publication tells 15 stories of rural people whose lives have been changed by the work of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Cambodia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar, the Philippines and Viet Nam. These stories provide examples of how our work is constantly evolving, piloting new ideas, solving problems in innovative ways, building on lessons learned and scaling up initiatives that work well, into larger projects. The stories also emphasize the importance of a wide-range of partnerships on the ground and the role of dedicated project staff in bringing about project success. As a results based and learning organization, IFAD believes strongly in knowledge sharing. By collecting and sharing these stories, we hope to disseminate our experiences to a wide audience and support readers to learn more about the issues that poor rural people face.

  • Cardamom cultivation changes the lives of impoverished farmers 
  • Home gardening model turns farmers into leaders
  • No need to migrate for a job
  • Technology should go with technical feasibility to work well for rural farmers
  • Savings bring hope to poor fishing households
  • Stepping up: sustaining agroforestry
  • Innovative, risk-taking farmers
  • Development of producer-publicprivate partnerships through value chain linkages
  • Creating the “clean” chain
  • Adaptive agricultural systems
  • for climate change
  • Organic ginger – hope for a “thirsty land”
  • Pig farmers diversify their income and transform their communities
  • Raising highland chickens for good income
  • New cooperative model boosts household economies
  • Diversity of livelihoods – the determination to escape poverty

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