Innovation lab

Innovation in management of science and technology

Recognizing the importance of scientific and technological research activities can be considered as a business activity that is both intellectual and marketable. Science and technology units have increased autonomy in using assets, financial resources, and human resources in providing public services, facilitating the use of strengths in assets, financial resources, human resources to provide public services according to the market mechanism

1. Innovation in science and technology activities at the central level

The units under the Ministry have been decentralized and authorized by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in accordance with the policy of innovation and granting autonomy to public science and technology organizations.

Over the past years, the organization and management of scientific research activities have stabilized in accordance with the new organizational model of the units.

In the activities of innovation and creativity in scientific research to meet the requirements of agricultural and rural development, public scientific organizations have promoted activities of applied research and direct technology transfer for localities to participate in the development of relevant specialized regulations and standards.

The units have made efforts to build a mechanism to motivate and encourage staff to search and exploit research topics that meet the requirements of production. 

The inspection and supervision of the implementation of the topic, project and experimental area have been carried out regularly to promptly assess the progress, content as well as make reasonable adjustments when necessary.

2. Renovating the state management system of science and technology in the locality

Innovating the method of constructing science and technology tasks, focusing on scientific and technological tasks of the agricultural sector; renovating the organization for performing science and technology tasks; linking the implementation of science and technology tasks.

3. Renovating the financial mechanism

The strongly renewed financial mechanism for science and technology has been the source and driving force for the scientific and technological development of science and technology units.

Public scientific organizations have the initiative to decide on the use of funding sources for their activities.

The units have developed internal spending regulations to create the right to take the initiative in financial management and spending.

Innovating the operation method, saving expenses to ensure the income of Institute staff has been gradually increased.

There were numerous innovations in financial management that gradually meet the requirements for scientific research and technology transfer activities:

+ Regulations on financial management in research activities comply with current legal provisions on financial management.

+ Develop clear guidelines on financial management mechanisms in research activities in the direction of specificity, simplicity, ease of application and limitation of confusion.

+ Step by step applies the mechanism of decentralization of spending decision-making power to subordinate units, improving autonomy and self-responsibility.

+ Develop cost norms based on the peculiarities of scientific and technological activities and regularly adjust to closely follow the market and socio-economic conditions.

+ Continuously update guiding documents of ministries and branches on financial management regulations for science and technology activities

+ Implement the funding according to the progress and quality of work.

+ Regularly organize inspection, assessment and acceptance according to schedule (or irregularly).

+ Foster and improve professional qualifications for staff working in finance.

+ Strictly handle and promptly implement recommendations of inspectors and auditors at all levels.