Research Reports

Study on Enhancing the Productivity of Highly Weathered Degraded Acidic Soils through Improved Soil Management Practices, in Nongxay Village, Saravanh District, Saravanh Province

The objective of the research was to determine the suitable P fertilizer rate mixed with organic compounds 10 t/ha for improving soil to increase productivity rice of TDK11, 8 and PNG3 up to 4-5 t/ha, in acidic, clay soil texture and infertile soil. The field experiment was carried out in the rainy season (2012) at farmer field, Nongsay village, Saravanh district. The trial was used the organic compounds (bio shar, manure, and clay) ratio 5-3-2 respectively and lime 5 kg/1,000 kg organic compounds. The study found that the rate of organic compounds 10 t/ha mixed with chemical fertilizer rate 70-30-30 kg/ha of N-P2O5-K2O is suitable to TDK11, yield increased to 5 t/ha and organic compounds 10 t/ha mixed with chemical fertilizer rate 70-45-30 kg/ha of N-P2O5-K2O is appropriate to (TDK8) yields approximately 4.6 t/ha, but PNG3 is not response to fertilizer rate, the yield of 3.4 t/ha, lower than the target. To achieve the strategy of the government, varieties TDK11, TDK8 and fertilizer rates as mentioned above is the suitable to support and encourage farmers in the area to produce rice for sale.


Khonepany Dounphady, Nivong sipaseuth, Pheng Sengxua and Sithanat Keolansy