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Initial findings of the regional joint-research-Cambodia's contributions

As part of webinar series organized by IPSARD for NARDT-members to share their initial findings of the regional joint-research “Assessment of rice sector development in selected sub-Mekong countries”, on 30 November 2021, the webinar on Cambodia’s contributions was taken place with the participation of Dr. Dang Kim Son – the regional senior advisor, teams from CDRI, NAFRI, and IPSARD.

At the webinar, representatives from CDRI presented primary information about the current situation, policies and orientation for the development of Cambodia's rice sector. Starting the discussion part, Mr Tran Cong Thang, DG of IPSARD suggested that in terms of the farmers and the value chain organization, CDRI should add more information on the scale of millers, collectors, and farmers and in terms of the policy, the list of policies and group by categories is required. Additionally, Dr Son also contributed 3 points to improve the presentation: (1) clarify the problems that the farmers have to face with the rice production, (2) provide more information infrastructure for rice irrigation, and (3) clarify technological advances in processing, mechanization of processing, irrigation systems.