Research Reports

The use of cassava leave silage in diets for growing of crossbred pigs in Laos

Twelve crossbred and four of local pigs with 50% of male castrated and weighing on average  21 kg, were used in CRBD arrangement to study the effect of graded levels 20% of cassava leave silage (CLS) and 80% used rice brand (RB) plus maize as basal in diet. The pigs were housed in individual pens and allotted at random to the four treatments. The feeding trial lasted for 12 weeks (84 days). There was a significant on feed intake between treatment and DM intake tended to increase in LRLW and to be less LCLC . Level of cassava leave silage had no effect on daily live weight gain but tended to improve the feed conversion ratio. There appear to be advantages in terms of pig growth and feed conversion adding 20% cassava leave silage as the main protein source base on rice bran and maize as basal in diet .


Sopha xaypha, Soukanh keonouchanh, Viengsavanh Phimmachanhvongsoth, Reinhard Howler and Tin Maun Ay