Good Practices

Unlocking opportunities for rural entrepreneurs and farmers in the sub-Mekong region

This publication tells 15 stories of rural people whose lives have been changed by IFAD's work in Cambodia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar, the Philippines and Viet Nam.

These stories provide examples of how our work is constantly evolving, piloting new ideas, solving problems in innovative ways, building on lessons learned and scaling up initiatives that work well into larger projects.

The stories also emphasize the importance of establishing a wide range of partnerships on the ground and the role of dedicated project staff in bringing about project success.

As a results-based and learning organization, IFAD believes strongly in knowledge sharing. By collecting and sharing these stories, we hope to disseminate our experiences to a broad audience and support readers in learning more about the issues that poor rural people face.

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Source: Programme Management Department,  IFAD

Author: Programme Management Department, IFAD