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The fieldtrip of IPSARD in Dong Thap province - Vietnam to collect information and data on rice production and trade with Cambodia through border gate

The Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSARD) conducted a fieldtrip in Dong Thap province from 1st August to 6th August 2023, to survey on the province's rice production and trade situation with Cambodia across the border gates. The trip was conducted to collect information and data about rice production of Dong Thap province as well as the situation of cross-border rice trade for the regional joint-research: “Cross-border trade between CLV countries". During the fieldtrip, the IPSARD’s research team worked with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Department of Industry and Trade, interviewed enterprises, traders, collectors, farmers and visited some large rice production areas in Dong Thap.

Dong Thap is one of the largest rice production provinces of Viet Nam. The rice cultivation area of the province is estimated at about 500 thousand hectares with an average yield of 6.2 – 6.6 tons / ha in 2023. There are 03 seasons of rice production every year. The rice production quantity is expected to reach about 3.25 million tons at the end of year 2023. To increase the efficiency of rice production, Dong Thap province’s leaders are promoting to implement many solutions: i) Enhancing investment capital in production infrastructure, ii) Strengthening the conversion of high-quality rice varieties, iii) Promoting the application of sustainable production practices, iv) Converting inefficient rice land into other crops production, v) Promoting mechanization in production and harvesting,  vi) Innovating models linking production and consumption, vii) Developing and improving the operation efficiency of cooperatives, viii) Promoting the application of science and technology and digital transformation in rice sector and agricultural sector.

 Photo: Transporting rice onto the boat after harvesting in Dong Thap province.

According to the Department of Industry and Trade of Dong Thap province, with the current production situation and the world food market situation, the province's rice export volume in 2023 is expected to reach about 580 thousand tons, equivalent to a value of 335 million USD. Dong Thap province has 20 rice exporting enterprises granted certificates of eligibility for rice export by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Dong Thap rice is exported to 30 different markets, most of which are exported to Asian markets. Besides paddy supply source in domestic provinces, Vietnamese enterprises, traders and collectors in Dong Thap have imported fresh and dried paddy rice from Cambodia through border gates in An Giang and Dong Thap. The import situation of paddy from Cambodia have been occurred for more than 10 years and help to supplement the supply source for Vietnamese rice processing plants during paddy off-season in Vietnam and Lunar New Year. Moreover, many Vietnamese enterprises, traders and farmers are also involved in investing in rice production in Cambodia and exporting rice to Vietnam.

The world market’s rice demand tends to increase since early 2023 when many countries around the world are facing natural disasters and crop failure. The Russia-Ukraine political conflict has also greatly affected the food production and trade situation of many countries. In addition, many countries tend to increase food imports for national reserves. Dong Thap rice industry faces many opportunities from the world market and food price increase in 2023. Accordingly, the demand of rice import from Cambodia of Dong Thap and other province continues to increase for export.