Nông nghiệp tiểu vùng Mê Kông cần xâm nhập vào thị trường cao cấp

Thứ trưởng Bộ NN-PTNT Phùng Đức Tiến nhấn mạnh, các nước tiểu vùng sông Mê Kông cần xây dựng chuỗi giá trị nông sản theo hướng thâm nhập vào các thị trường cao cấp.

Training in Project Management for CLMV Officers

Fifty-six participants representing various ministries of CLMV actively participated in the three-day training, which consisted of lectures/presentations, discussion and group exercises by AIM on project performance management system, the work of leadership: facing adaptive challenges, and project scheduling. This was complemented by presentation on ASEAN Project Cycle and workshop on ASEAN Cooperation project proposal development facilitated by ASEAN Secretariat. The JAIF Management Team also presented an overview of JAIF and its financial disbursement and reporting systems for projects.

Mekong agricultural development project launched

Việt Nam wants to foster co-operation between countries in the Mekong sub-region and share experiences in agricultural and rural development through policy advisory networks of not only government agencies but also non-governmental organisations and the private sector.

Project to improve agricultural development policy in Mekong subregion

A workshop was held in Hanoi on July 16 to launch a regional project to improve cooperation in policy research, implementation and advocacy in agriculture and rural development in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.


The NARDT project funded by IFAD is designed to form a consortium with flexible cooperation mechanism where think tanks of different stakeholders of Myanmar, Lao, Cambodia and Vietnam (CLMV) can work together to improve the quality of policies in agriculture and rural development (ARD) and facilitate the up-scaling and institutionalization of good practices, innovations and lessons learnt from the programs supported by IFAD and other donors.

Thai Exports to CLMV: Neighbourly Support