Innovation model in Agriculture: Eli-Seeder of Brooklyn Bridge to Cambodia – Technology solution for rice farmers

Innovation model: “Agro Vege Farm” hydroponic agriculture model in Lao PDR – the clean and high-effective vegetable production

Research on Main Innovation Models in Agriculture and Rural Development

Research on Main Innovation Model in Agriculture And Rural Development is a regional study that aims to review recent innovation models in agriculture and rural development with lessons learned for future policy improvement. With the objective to collect information of the primary innovation model in Cambodia, this study has completed a total of 21 case studies which offer exclusive knowledge through Key Informant Interview (KIIs) with the managerial position individuals. As a result, this report will provide relevant information ranging from the background of each innovation cases, the implementation process, challenges, adaptability and future planning. This report might as well offer a glance of view on how existing and future policies in the country should play a vital role in supporting a new invention, start-up businesses, and other initiatives in order to create a better opportunity for growth and sustainability of the innovation models.

Thư mời báo giá

Thư mời báo giá

Scientific conference on TFP calculation method and contribution of TFP in agricultural sector growth

Workshop Report on preliminary results of research on innovative models in agriculture and rural development in some countries in the Mekong sub-region

Workshop "Reporting preliminary results of research on agricultural development policy in some countries in the Mekong sub-region"

Thư mời tư vấn cá nhân gói thầu số 32 "Thuê tư vấn cá nhân về truyền thông"

Opportunities and challenges for Vietnam's rural agriculture in the new context