Innovation lab

Research results in the field of irrigation and disaster prevention

In the period 2013-2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has recognized 25 technical advances, 29 inventions, 243 articles, etc. and many technologies are being transferred into production to create competitive advantages in the market, improve the quality and efficiency of irrigation works and prevent natural disasters for agricultural production, rural development, contribute to stabilizing production, improving quality, promoting industry growth. Some standout results including:

1. Water resources

Several technologies have been applied to effectively exploit and protect water resources and the environment, such as:

- Technology for calculating and forecasting changes in water resources of the Mekong River in response to water use scenarios and climate change scenarios.

- Technology for forecasting and monitoring drought and saltwater intrusion.

- Underground dam technology collects water combined with a horizontal water belt (water belt).

- Nanotechnology to treat arsenic-contaminated water.

- Wastewater and waste treatment technology for rural areas and craft villages.

- Technology to filter seawater into freshwater.

2. River regulation, coastal protection, natural disaster prevention and mitigation

- Applied spatial technology GIS and information telecommunications to monitor the process of landslides, sedimentation and warn of unsafe risks of dykes.

- Researched several topics including:

   + Coastal erosion research in the Mekong Delta.

   + The Red River research.

   + The Mekong River research.

   + Dam safety research.

   + Technology of planting trees to cope with waves.

   + Applied physical and mathematical models to study and predict erosion and sedimentation of riverbanks and coasts.

   + Completed construction of flood maps for provinces from Thanh Hoa to Phu Yen.

3. Irrigation and hydroelectric projects construction and protection

- Applied the technology of pier dam - barge.

- Applied culvert technology assembled by prestressed reinforced concrete.

- Initially applied Jet-grouting technology in background treatment and waterproofing.

4. Electromechanical equipment specialized in irrigation

- Successfully researched and manufactured an automatic garbage collection device.

- Successfully manufactured deep suction pump with HCK=8m.

- Researched and applied large gate valves.

- Successfully researched and manufactured automatic disc valve.

- Researched and improved several types of hydraulic pumps.

- Mastered the technology of manufacturing small and medium power generation equipment.

5. Information technology, automation, and software

- Researched and perfected SCADA Technology.

- Continue to perfect equipment manufacturing technology, combine equipment to install automatic monitoring stations.

- Continue to use GIS technology, Remote sensing to monitor and forecast livestock and poultry diseases and forecast rice yield.