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Opportunities and challenges for Vietnam's rural agriculture in the new context

- Development of science and technology helps to increase productivity, quality and reduce production costs
- Extensive integration helps to enhance commercial activities in agriculture. The opening of the service market will be an opportunity for suppliers with great potential, experience and long-term reputation, having the advantage of providing services in the world to land in Vietnam market.
- Trends in implementing green economic strategies, circular economy, sharing economy and knowledge economy to achieve sustainable development goals. This will open up new markets and new development trends for Vietnamese agriculture.
- The process of industrialization and urbanization will also open up a number of opportunities for rural residents such as: creating livelihoods for rural workers, connecting socio-economic throughout the country, developing the domestic market, and quality of life. of rural areas is enhanced.
- Value added from chain-linked commodity production to help increase farmers' income

Challenges come from objective factors:
- Russia-Ukraine conflict increases input prices (such as fuel prices, fertilizer prices, etc.)
- The Covid pandemic disrupted the supply chain
- Stricter regulations on food safety in the world
- Deepening globalization requires higher competitiveness for Vietnamese agriculture
- The trend of population aging
- Changes in people's food needs and income
- The trend of organic agriculture, green agriculture requires investment in modern technology and high costs.
The direct challenges of the Agriculture sector can be seen as follows:
- Small-scale, scattered production of goods.
- Agricultural products of low quality and efficiency, have not yet ensured hygiene and safety.
- Unsustainable production, unstable environment, epidemics, natural disasters.
These weaknesses have resulted in:
- Vietnam's agriculture growth slows down and competitiveness is weak.
- The income of farmers is low, living conditions of rural residents are still difficult.
- Environmental pollution, ecological imbalance, resource degradation, and epidemics cause damage to some areas.