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Field study of NARDT - Vietnam to Lao PDR and Cambodia

Under the framework of the NARDT project funds by IFAD, the NARDT Vietnam team had a working trip to Lao PDR and Cambodia from 26th October to 2nd November 2022. With the aim of enhancing the performance of the country-NARDT, policy workshops and technical meetings were organized to share experiences of Vietnam’s agricultural development, review achievements, and provide quick consultation on the financial procedures of the project of NARDT in Laos PDR and Cambodia. There was a capitalization workshop of a policy think tank in strengthening research for the agriculture policy development project of the NARDT/IFAD project held in Lao PDR. The policy dialogue of agriculture public-private-producer partnerships (Agri PPPPs) was organized successfully in Cambodia.

Apart from workshops and meetings, the working team had a field study to visit the Lao-China railway station, agro-tourism model, and agricultural organic farms. The field trips serve to understand the logistical and administrative arrangements, organic production as well as legal instruments for the trade of agricultural products.