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Hi-tech shrimp farming model of Huetronics Company in Thua Thien Hue province – Viet Nam

Regional research “Agricultural innovations review in Sub-Mekong region countries” in the framework of the project “Network for Agriculture and Rural Development Think-tanks for Countries in Mekong sub-region” – 2022 – 2023.

To solve the water management problem for shrimp farming, Huetronics Company has applied ultrasonic electrochemical technology as well as other integrated solutions to raise high-tech shrimp with guaranteed shrimp productivity and quality at the company’ farms and other farms in the Mekong Delta provinces. This technology and technique have been researched, developed by Huetronics, and transferred to farmers in many localities in Vietnam. In which, the advanced electrochemical - ultrasonic processes, Nano ALK active ingredient controlling pH, etc. have been applied in water treatment for shrimp aquaculture. Nanobubble microbubble solution is prepared from an electrochemical - ultrasonic system that can quickly kill bacteria, viruses, and molds in a short time of contact but without being greasy after a long time of use. It allows to treat saltwater and brackish water polluted by bacteria, algae, and toxins with high efficiency; simple production process, low cost - only costs about 700 VND/m3 compared to 2,000 VND/m3 when using chemicals for treatment.


The process of wastewater treatment using ultrasonic electrochemical technology in the shrimp farming model of Huetronics Company has basically solved the problem of water for shrimp farming with 3 groups of solutions combining ultrasonic electrochemical technology, microbiology and non-antibiotic herbs have made shrimp farms increase productivity and product quality, develop sustainably, and protect the environment. This model can be suitable for many different farming sizes of the household shrimp industry in Vietnam today. At the same time, this model can be replicated in many aquaculture farms and other sectors (such as livestock).

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