Innovation lab

Research results in the field of agricultural electromechanical and post-harvest technology

In the past 10 years, especially in the period 2016 - 2020 and the last years of this period, the AFF processing industry has made remarkable progress with a value-added growth rate of about 7 - 8% per year. During this period, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development recognized 10 technical advances and 10 inventions. Besides, in research, the transfer has been closely combined with businesses and localities. Therefore, many research results were immediately transferred to production. Some typical research results in production are as follows:

1. Researched technology, perfected the design, manufactured machinery and equipment to serve the synchronous mechanization of production

- Rice and maize: A model has been developed to deploy a synchronous mechanization technique for maize production on rice land to adapt to climate change in the Mekong Delta.

- Peanuts: A model of mechanization has been developed in the production of high-yield peanuts.

- Sugarcane: A model of application of mechanization has been developed in the production of sugarcane in specialized farming areas.

2. Researched, perfected, designed, and manufactured a system of high-tech home-grown CGH equipment

- Developed a technology application model and automatic drip irrigation system.

- Transferred technology, equipment system of the net house to serve flower and seedling nursery.

3. Researched technology and equipment system for preliminary processing, preservation and post-harvest processing of agricultural, forestry and aquaculture products

* Preliminary processing and preservation technology and equipment: 

- Fresh vegetables, tubers and fruits: Researched and perfected advanced preliminary processing, packaging and preservation technologies, researched and designed synchronous technological equipment lines applied in preliminary processing and preservation for several key vegetables and fruits on an industrial scale.

- Dried agricultural and medicinal products: Researched and perfected advanced preliminary processing, packaging and preservation technologies.

* Processing technology and equipment:

- Vegetables and fruits: Focused on proposing and solving key tasks with the state budget combined with the reciprocal capital of enterprises.

- Aquaculture and poultry products: Successfully deciphered the technology "Super-fast freezing with liquid, the scale of 500 kg/hour" applied in processing some seafood.

- Forestry and medicinal products: Researched, perfected and developed turpentine processing lines with a scale of 10,000 tons/year.

4. Completed several technologies in the field of post-harvest biology applied in processing and preserving agricultural products

Implemented a series of tasks including AVG active ingredient production technology applied in the near-harvest stage, technology to produce pectin from citrus peels, etc.

5. Researched and perfected technology and equipment for processing agricultural by-products

Focused on researching and solving tasks in the direction of mechanical, chemical, thermal and microbiological processing to process and create different types of products such as tablets used as fuel, pellets as animal feed pellets, etc.

6. Intellectual Property

Some specific results have been achieved: Published 08 useful solutions, 07 patents and 01 industrial design patent.